cURL Examples

cURL is one of the most basic tools that allow to send requests to APIs. The usage is very simple, you can call it in a terminal with access and request data.

Here’s a simple example – let’s create an event. We use the event information from our examples; you can copy the code below, but remember to provide your own API key.

curl --request POST --header "X-Api-Key:API_KEY" --data "name=room_name&room_type=meeting&access_type=1&permanent_room=0"

If everything goes ok, you should see a response similar to this:

    "room": {

Now let’s try to use the received ID number to delete previously created room. We’ll need to call the conferences/<:room_id> method:

curl --request DELETE --header "X-Api-Key:API_KEY"

You should now see a response similar to this:


As you see, you just have to call a certain API method (specifying the HTTP method) and provide the request data.