ClickMeeting Developer Zone is a portal dedicated to helping developers customize and extend ClickMeeting online meetings functionality within your own environments using our API resources. The goal is to make it not only possible, but profitable, for small to large enterprises to integrate the ClickMeeting API platform with in-house applications, CRM, and CMS systems.

ClickMeeting API
Use our code samples to create/edit your meeting details to meet your company’s business needs.
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API integration example

Below we are presenting a simplified flow for an example integration with ClickMeeting using our API. It gives an idea on how the API can be used for reaching the best results in your business.
  1. User requests a new meeting in his app
  2. Call the ‘create meeting’ API method
  3. Receive meeting details
  4. Call the ‘invite participants’ API method
  5. Receive invite result
  6. ClickMeeting sends invitation email with the meeting URL
  7. User and participants enter the meeting